Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dream weapons present: ROCK ME TO SLEEP C90

Built around the ultimate song of despair in the history of mankind (O Death…), these ninety minutes of lamentable lullabies, haunting ballads and melancholic folktunes sort of made itself (well, the four hour long version did). I think I've put together a thing of great beauty and mystery - which I hope you’ll find uplifting rather than depressing. Besides its not as dark or gloomy as I make it out to be. If you were actually rocked to sleep while listening I’m sure your dreams would be mostly pleasant and only slightly eerie.


1 Lily & Maria - Ismene - Jasmine
2 All in the Golden Afternoon - Oh My Love
3 Come to the Well - The Answer Is You, Jesus
4 Södra Bergens Balalaikor - Sjto Gorit, Gorit
5 Mama Béa Tekielski - Pour M'y Porter Dormir
6 Rosemary Standley & Helstroffer’s Band
 - O Death Rock Me to Sleep
7 Henk Werkhoven - Blue Friends
8 Anneke Konings - Zon / Maan
9 V.C. Clinton-Baddeley and Pauline Letts - The Unquiet Grave
10 Midnight Syndicate - Mesonoxian Visitors
11 Antique Doll - Rocking Horse
12 Trudie Richman - Pada
13 Mircea Nițu - Doina - Cimbalom
14 The Paris Sisters - Yes - I Love You
15 A Le Groupe Orchidée - (05)
16 Unspecified / Georgia - Didavoi-Nana - Дида вой, нана

17 Fernando Yvosky - Prologo
18 David Stoughton - Evening Song
19 Pearls Before Swine - Translucent Carriages
  (portable organ & cello-version)
20 Robin Williamson - Gwydion's Dream
21 Michael Raven & Joan Mills - The Queen of the Night
22 Rosemary Hardman - I Left My Baby Lying
23 Brasschaats Mandoline Orkest & Marcel De Cauwer - Poème
24 Kathy Smith - For Emile
25 Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse - Illusioner
26 Swordedge - My Ladye Constance
27 Aaron Lightman - Now is the Time
28 Gloria Levi - A La Una (At One O’clock)
29 Lavendeltreppe - An Dro Shako
30 Isla Cameron - John Anderson
31 Reality From Dream - Dawn


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dream Weapons present: SPACE PORTAL C90

Space Portal is in essence a Jazz-mix. It breaks its borders a touch but stays within the same overall vibe of "put it on and do other things around the house", or "sit on a ferry and watch the ocean whilst listening". Either way, its a meditative, energetic, slow, twisting, fading, rising mix of live recordings and studio recordings. Sit back, relax.

- Prabha Devi

Kink Gong - Ar Mir Sanq Paq Aq Li (Akha Cat Tale)
Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics - Rain Dance
Alice Coltrane & Joe Henderson - Earth
The Piano Choir - Nation Time
The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble - Neptune Rising
The Descendents of Mike and Phoebe - A Spirit Speaks
Infinite Sound - Spanish Tale

James Tatum - Communion
Jerome Cooper Quintet - Monk Funk
Oracy - The Weight Don't Make Things No Lighter
World's Experience Orchestra - The Prayer
Mtume Umoja Ensemble - Separate Not Equal
Exploding Star Orchestra - Impression #1


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dream Weapons present: TANTRIC MIRROR C60

While Prabha Devi is drinking fancy cocktails (or more likely, Old Munk & 7up) under a palm somewhere in India, I'm stuck up north in what seems like an endless winter. I have no idea if you can tell by listening to this though. Tantric Mirror is a split where Prabha Devi did all of side B and I, obviously, did side A. Containing new and old favourites from us both. Well, they are all old... but you get it. Enjoy!

-Sadhu Sadhu

A (Sadhu Sadhu Side) ⟡
Wally Bastian - Kisi Wehesak Nobala
Luzmila Carpio - Wataj Quillasnin
Khabuan Mukda - Phom Mai Wun
မာမာေအး - စဥ္းစားရဦးမယ္
Inneke Kusumawati - Enggak Tau Malu
စိုင်းဆိုင်မောဝ် - Khaaw Jaam Khay Han
Children Songs - Maro Gau Jyamire
Клара Румянова - Кораблики
Riga Raga - Regret De Maidon
Piero Piccioni - Magic Castle

B (Prabha Devi side) ☾︎
Guruh Sukarnoputra - Smaradhana
Galt MacDermot  - Coffee Cold (with Fergus MacRoy)
Sweetwater  - Through An Old Storybook
Gray  - Mockingbird
Sachiko Nishida - Bleib immer und ewig bei mir
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Is Anyone Listening
Mahna Mackay - Daydream
Claude Thomain - Shaker Man
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen - Indian Pop Bass
Mukesh & Chorus - Mera Joota Hai Japani
Sroeng Santi - Leang Mai Toe


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

20ft Radio and Dream Weapons present: STATIC LINES C60

Static Lines is a collaboration by Dream Weapons for 20ft Radio containing twenty minutes of hand-picked electronic tunes by Sadhu Sadhu (⟡), Prabha Devi (☾) and Moahaha (♌︎) each. For our third radio special we wanted to do something different than simply complile another best-of-everything-we-represent-mix. The end result is mostly an hour of catchy electro-pop - with the occasional soundscape snuck in between the "hits"

1 Siflèt - Siflèt ♌︎
2 Elisa Point - Howard Hugues ☾
3 Ensemble Pittoresque - Just Shine On Me ⟡
4 You - Time Code ♌︎
5 Seefeel - Faults ⟡
6 Takako Minekawa - Sleep Song ☾
7 Meridian Brothers - Canto Me Levantó ♌︎
8 Dave Sarkys - In A Cloud ⟡
9 Kyoko Koizumi - Eastern Jungle ☾

10 Hector Zazou - Un Papillon ♌︎
11 Testpattern - Sea Breeze ⟡
12 Ken Nordine - Once Upon A You Know What ♌︎
13 Gary Schneider - Cast Your Fate To The Wind & The Breeze & I ☾
14 The Paper Magic Group - Lucifer's Choir ♌︎
15 Masami Tsuchiya - Fear For The Future ☾
16 Peter Davison - Glide II ⟡
17 Cinéma Vérité - Nevers ♌︎


direct link to our Mixcloud-account

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dream weapons present: RITES AND PASSAGES C60

My idea of tunes for tripping, meditation, worship, rituals and other spiritual practices. But like myself you can just listen while leading your everyday life doing anything or nothing. I think all great music has the potential to mentally transcend you to places you’re not physically at. But nothing transports you along to other dimensions quite like pounding flutes and swirling percussion (or was it the other way around). 

I’m probably overemphasizing this whole transcendental-vibe a little. Among other things you’ll immediately notice that there’s normal jazz here too - albeit of the orientally & spiritually oriented kind.  

1 Brother Ah - Nuba
2 Charles Lloyd - Rishikesha: Hummingbird, Rishikesh, Seagull
3 Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - Alchemy
4 Süleyman Ergüner - Hicaz Peşrevi
5 Giuliano Sorgini - Kedda
6 Band Aide - Cycric Universe

7 Keur Moussa - Dans Mon Amour Éternel
8 Philip Rex - National Geographic
9 Cork Gamelan Ensemble - Christine
10 Dip Tse Chong Ling Monastery - Prayer of Kala Rupa
11 David Fanshawe - Tongan Ceremonial
12 Xinjiang Uighur Song And Dance Ensemble - Wuxiake Muqam: The First Dastan Interlude
13 Izmir Cura Players & Izmir Darbuka - Zeybek



Monday, February 19, 2018

Dream Weapons present: EARTH’S ORBIT C90

Covering a lot of musical territory and many moods - earth’s yearlong orbit around the sun seemed like an appropriate metaphor for my world party mix no. 4 or 5 (or 6). The Armenian lady dressed in her stunning traditional folk-costume largely exudes serious beauty but there’s an overweight of festive dance tunes here (also loaded with beauty I may add). Yet another one for the ever expanding dream-party-that-may-never-materialize-collection.


1. Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Hamayak Djan
2. Stavros Xarhakos - Tsifteteli Hitzaskar
3. Rebecca Pan - I Will Ask You / 我要問你
4. Izumi Yukimura - Anmitsu Hime / あんみつ姫
5. Ginji Yamaguchi and the Luana Hawaiians - Kaeri Bune
6. Webley Edwards - Hiilawe
7. Club Nisei Orchestra - So-Ma Bon Uta
8. Teresa Teng - Love Flowers
9. Hoàng Oanh - Lẻ Bóng
10. Anastacios Smirniotis Orchestra - Neyalo Stoma
11. Goom - Massai (Part 2)
12. Hachig Kazarian Ensemble - Oud Fantasy
13. Soraya Melik - Bagdat Yolu (The Road to Bagdad)
14. Ahmad Fouad Hassan - Raqs Al Ghawazi

15. Mehnaz - Maine Tere Khuwab
16. Orkes Kroncong Mutiara - Langgam Suling Bambu
17. John Pi'ilani Watkins - The Hana Chant
18. Armenian Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments  - Narine Bar
19. Kladivo, Konj in Voda - Na Poti Domov
20. Ilie Alecu - Hora Lautareasca
21. Ani Gagova (Ани Гагова) - My Heart Aches (Огън гори в душата ми)
22. Halychyna - Буковинські мелодії / Bukovinian Melodies
23. Googoosh - Yekrouzee
24. Eddie "Sheik" Kochak & Hakki Obadia - Desert Wanderers
25. Noor Jehan - Aaja Tujhe Afsana
26. Giuliano Sorgini - Kistna
27. Jose Afonso - Se Voaras Mais ao Perto
28. David Fanshawe - Et In Spiritum Sanctum


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dream Weapons present: ANCIENT FUTURE C60

Another collection of primitive futuristic sounds and exploration from a time long gone. Lots of cassette rips on this one. Enjoy!

-Sadhu Sadhu

Fondation - Horizon
K. Kusafuka - Be Vulnerable!
Intolerance - Mexican Ghost
96 Eyes - Wang Yang
Rick Crane - If The Saucers Should Land In The Jungle
Tolerance - Misa (Gig's Tapes in 'C')

Instant Music - Joyboy
Ron Kuivila - Parodicals
如月小春 - でぱーと
The Dadacomputer - Multinational
How To Get Rich In Rotterdam - The Velvet Well
Didier Paquette - Arwen, Namarie
Trans-Millenia Consort - Plot Zero

Here / Here


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dream weapons present: FIRE GONNA BURN MA SOUL C60

Finally got my hands on a mint version of the sensational 1967 seven-inch that bookends this mix. So I simply had to compile an additional 54 minutes out of the vintage African American soul, jazz, spirituals, spoken word, blues and folksongs about Jesus, protest, love, work/penal labor, life and death - that I had lying about. Slowly and inconsequently working our way backwards, two-thirds into the mix we go as far as nine decades back (pre-Great Depression era) - before «safely» arriving exactly where it started. Serious fun guaranteed!


1. King Coleman - Freedom
2. Michel Larue - How Come Me Here?
3. Brother John Sellers - Chain Gang
4. Sarah Webster Fabio - Soul Through a Lickin’ Stick
5. William S. Fischer - Gurea Da
6. Fugi - Revelations (Alt. take)
7. Shades of Black Lightning - Yesterdays Dream
8. Odetta - Ox-Driver Song
9. Byard Lancaster Quartet - Pam Africa

10. Ella Jenkins - Pole Pole
11. Vera Hall Ward - Travelling Shoes
12. Johnny Jackson & Inmates of Texas State Prisons - Hammer Ring
13. Victoria Spivey & Luis Russell's Orchestra - Dirty T.B. Blues
14. Ethel Waters - Down In My Soul
15. The Charioteers - Jesus is a Rock in the Weary Land
16. Sounds of Liberation - New Life
17. Thyme - Bony Bony
18. Langston Hughes - Testament
19. King Coleman - Freedom (Instrumental)


Monday, January 22, 2018

Dream Weapons present: LOW FIDELITY C60

Low Fidelity is another mix with quite a few interwoven genres. From memories of hearing Bobb Trimble the first time in Mikael's apartment in Copenhagen in the late 90s early 2000s, to songs recommended by Paul Welller of all people, this mix follows no tracks and just rises and drops in random fashion. Plug in and enjoy the ride, or stop off and check out one of our other 80+ mixtapes.

- Prabha Devi

Suzanne Menzel - Summer Rain
Dara Puspita - Surabaya
Peter Howell/John Ferdinando - Tomorrow Come Someday
Cooley Munson - Sightly Sue
The Children of Sunshine - Its A Long Way To Heaven
Catherine Derain - Le temps sen va 
Joe Simon - Rainbow Road
Bobb Trimble - One Mile from Heaven
France Gall - Nefertiti
Lion - You've Got A Woman
Robert Lester Folsom - Jericho
Stella Rambisai Chiweshe - Sarura Wako
Orchestre Septentrional Dhaiti - Angela
Roberto De Simone NCCP - II Coro Delle Lavandaie I Danieli E Voci Femminili
Unknown - akazéhé par une jeune fille
Tartit - Ansari
Sofia Loren - S`agapo


P.S. Nefertiti was added before news of France Gall`s death, so a little unexpected homage as well.

Cover by Sadhu Sadhu

Monday, January 8, 2018

Dream Weapons present: THE TIME CAPSULE C90

A time capsule is a gift from a past to a future - which means it represents both the future and the past simultaneously. But no one knows if its a gift from an advanced past to a primitive future, or the other way around. So what is this about then? - nothing really but a concept that establishes an inspirational place in time and space to create this retrofuturistic trip to weirdsville. Come to think of it the title of the tune "Freeform Experimental Electronic Music with Spoken Poetry" says a whole lot about the capsule’s content - just add "catchy" before freeform.


1. Vangelis Papathanassiou - La Contessina
2. Bodenpersonal - O-Ton
3. Eccentronic Research Council feat. Maxine Peake - M.B Motorcycle Enthusiast
4. Higelin & Areski - Signalétique
5. Randy Greif - A Caucus Race
6. Ramuntcho Matta (feat. Don Cherry & Brion Gysin) - Initiation
7. Dominique Laurent & Pinok et Matho - Tout en Blanc
8. Hector Zazou - Des Cocotiers
9. Andreas Ammer & F.M. Einheit - Blumberg Traumgedanken
10. Atle Pakusch Gundersen - Thau 2
11. Andrea Rexilius, Toni Oswald & Max Davies - From New Organism
12. Machines At Last - Car In The Car Mirror
13. M.A.O. (Mon Ami N' Oxydays) - Living In a Garden
14. Martin Dupont - My Analyst «Assez»

15. Nine Circles - No Romance
16. Adrian Cox (vokal: Kari Emilsen) - Lyset. Når Steinen Veltes
17. Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia - Czekając Na Kometę Halleya
18. Hanns Dieter Hüsch und das Ensemble der Arche Nova - Carmina Urana - 2. Gesang-edit
19. Martin Davorin Jagodic - Tempo Furioso Lato (side B extract)
20. Unknownmix - DominaDea
21. Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown - S’ignorer
22. The Legendary Pink Dots - Splash
23. Tone Set - He’s Got a Little Dog
24. Hiro Yanagida - Call Sign
25  Broken Dakota - Freeform Experimental Electronic Music with Spoken Poetry
26. Christobal Weerasinghe - Lebaran/Buffalo Horns/Krontjong (extract)
27. Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowits - Desert Equations


Friday, December 29, 2017

Dream Weapons present: TOTENTANZ C60

Christmas is over, and the new year is closing in on us. Here is a collection of up- to mid-tempo tunes to keep you entertained during the last few days of the year or even on new years eve. This mix takes a dip into some slower territory halfway trough side B, so you can refill your glasses, mingle or lean back to catch your breath before the final floor filler kicks you into the new year.

Best wishes for 2018 to all of you,
Sadhu Sadhu

Soliman Gamil - Dialoque Qanun Hautbois Et Flute Traversiere
Dia Prometido - The End Of Time
Abdou El Omari - Zifaf Filfada
Lucky Dube & Super Soul - Kudala Ngikuncenga
Šaban Bajramovic - Hapima
Virgina Lopez - Fichas Negras
The Dynamites - One Way Street
Yo Yo Hashi - Along The Ginza
Masako Izumi & Ken Yamauchi  - Ginza Lights
Filomena - True la la Reggae 

Dignitary Stylish - Jah Send Me Come
Samuel Belay - Keresh Endewaza
Carmen Miranda - Gente Bamba
Alonso Pedrozo - Rock en acordeon
Dave Brubeck feat. Ragu - Raga Theme For Ragu
Mahy Et Les Amis Des Ondes - Antilles' Méchant Bateau
Big Jim Sullivan - The Koan
Ketema Makkonen - Kibret Alem
Franco Godi - Fernet Branca 
ໂນລາ - ລຳຕັ່ງຫວາຍ



Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL. VI C90


I’m running out of new ways to introduce the same concept for the sixth time in as many years, so I’ll quote myself from 2016 instead "My favorite Christmas tunes reminds why as a child the Yuletide used to be my favorite time of the year. An idealized daydream of what the festive season should be about - or once was"

 -Yet another nostalgia-drenched mix containing a generous chunk of oldies plus jazzy or folk-oriented seasonal-songs. Now you've potentially got seven and a half hours of top notch xmas-delights to enjoy. Who would have thunk it was possible? Not me that’s for sure. Anyway I hope you have yourself an ultra-Merry Christmas! 


1. Steve Gray - Winter Pastoral
(Steve Gray, 1969)
2. The Lyttle Folk - A’ Soalin
(Rev. M. P. Holme, 1891/Traditional)
3. Chorale - Patapan
(Bernard de La Monnoye, 17/18th century. France)
4. Ennio Morricone con I Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni - Tiger Rally ⟡
(Badalamenti, Perrey and Kingsley’, 1966)
5. The Glad Singers - Ox and Donkey
(Don Walker, 1965)
6. Esa Katajavuori - Sinivuorten Yö
(Sofie Lithenius, 1890’s, Finland) 
7. María Teresa Chacín - A Ti Te Cantamos
8. Jacques Douai - Noel Polonais
(Poland, 1705)
9. Robert Maxwell - Chanson De Noel
(Traditional French)
10. Эдита Пьеха (Edita Pyekha) - Зимняя песенка (Winter Song)
(Vilen "Willi» Tokarev, Russian) 
11. Zola Van - Huron Carol
(Jean de Brébeuf, 1642. Canada)
12. Maureen Morton, Jack Simpson & His Sextet - Once Upon a Winter-Time
(Bobby Worth and Ray Gilbert, 1948)
13. The Seeger Sisters - Joseph and Mary (The Cherry Tree Carol)
(early 15th century England)
14. Stephen Kirby/Ronald Soules/Walter Slasher/Hollinwood Girls’ Choir - Excerpt from Shepherd's Nativity Play/Shepherd's Cradle Song/Coventry Carol
(Live broadcast, 1957)
15. Meko - Masters in the Hall
(Marin Marais, 1706)
16. Marinela Baba - Numa Tu Doamne poți ști
(Romanian colinde)
17. Jancis Harvey - Simple Gifts
(A Shaker song by Elder Joseph Brackett, 1848)

18. Shirley & Dolly Collins - The Moon Shines Bright
(Traditional carol collected by Lucy Broadwood ca. 1900)
19. Kindred Spirits - Christmas Eve is Here
(Traditional french)
20. HCJB Radio Staff Men's Chorus - Come, O Ye Shepherds (Venid Pastores)
(Traditional spanish)
21. Pete Seeger - Italian Christmas Song
(Saint Alphonsus Liguori, 1732. Italy)
22. Henry Hall feat. The Three Sisters - The Fairy On The Christmas Tree
(Harry Parr-Davies and Roma Cambell Hunter, 1936)
23. George Shearing, String Choir - Snowfall
(Claude Thornhill, 1960)
24. Gordon MacRae / Van Alexander - The Bells Of St. Mary’s
(A. Emmett Adams / Douglas Farber, 1917)
25. Randy Van Horne Singers - Skater’s Waltz
(Émile Waldteufel, 1882)
26. June Christy - The Magic Gift
(Connie Pearce and Arnold Miller, 1961)
27. Johnny Hawksworth - Christmas Glitter (1)
(Johnny Hawksworth, 1969)
28. The Brothers Cazimero - Little Drummer Boy
(Katherine Kennicott Davis, 1941)
29. Keur Guilaye - Chant de Noël Sérère: "Hani"
(Keur Moussa, Senegal)
30. Natacha & Anastasia Breeva - Dobni Vetcher
31. Al Tall - Maria Anava Partera
32. Appalachian Christmas Quartet - Come Let Us Sing Noel
(Traditional French, Late 15th Century)
33. Accademia Jaufrè Rudel - Orientis Partibus (Feast of the Ass) lol
(French, 13th Century)
34. Barry and Beth Hall - Quem Pastores
(Trad. 14th century)
35. Ansamblul Folcloric Țara Vrancei & Ro-Mania - La Tulpina Mărului
(Romanian colinde)

⟡ = a present from Sadhu Sadhu


-Link to Xmas Delights I-V... and for those who prefer streaming I might as well add last year's Mixcloud-player directly to this post:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dream Weapons present: WINDSWEPT DAYDREAM C90

A loungier, perhaps kitschier reinterpretation of musique d’ameublement - or "furniture music" as Satie branded it. An almost relaxation tape to snuggle up on your sofa rather than for meditating. Alternatively it can just spin in the background while you enjoy a book, a drink or both in a comfortable chair. Should blend in whether on your own or if you’re having company. But what business is it of mine to suggest where or when this should be listened to? - None absolutely. I hope you’ll enjoy it though.


1. Jean Constantin - Comment Voulez-Vous?
2. Bob Britton - Here I Go Again
3. Daughters of Albion - Hey, You, Wait, Stay
4. Kornet - Musik ur filmen Adams Födelse
5. Ray Conniff & The Singers - Feed the Birds
6. Анна Герман / Anna German - Такая маленькая птичка / Such a Little Bird
7. Gianni Dell'Orso & Gianni Oddi  - Summer Fashion
8. Atsuko Nakazawa - Hydrangea Song (あじさいの歌)
9. Park Ilnam - Kisas
10. Max Leth Quartet - Kristallen Den Fina
11. The Fleetwoods - Turtle Dove (Takes 2 & 3)
12. Dave Allen - A Way Of Life
13. Jerry Goldsmith - Justine
14. Ana Lúcia - Valsa de Eurídice
15. Paul Winter Consort - Spring
16. Gábor Szabó & The California Dreamers - The End Of Life

17. The Beau Hunks - Yasmini
18. Chucha Assar - Day! Balal
19. Bruno Nicolai - Oblio
20. Elder Barber - Yo Te Diré
21. Rino De Filippi feat. Edda Dell ‘Orso - Agriculture
22. Feminine Complex - Are You Lonesome Like Me
23. David Gold - Phenomena
24. Linda Lawson - Salty, Salty Is the Sea
25. Merit Hemmingson - Strandskvalp
26. Dorothy Squires - Too-Whit! Too-Whoo!
27. Bing Crosby - I Couldn't Care Less
28. Carlo Zoffoli - Stelle Lucenti
29. Diana Dee - Cry My Heart
30. Giorgio Gaslini - Cio’ Che E’ Scritto Nel Vento
31. Anna Maria Alberghetti - Tenderly
32. Tibblekören - Ut i Vår Hage

Here / Here 


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dream Weapons present: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HAPPY? C60 By DJ Lemon Fogg

“ Whatever Happened To Happy?” is a 60 min musical search for that elusive happy feeling; whether you prefer to dream on the lawn, take a drive, look at the view, feel the ocean breeze, be in love, catch a frisbee, or maybe just stay in bed and watch the sunrise. Join in! It’s freaky! It’s groovy! But watch your step! Madness is lurking. Don’t check your mail and beware of alligators or shadow men.”

-DJ Lemon Fogg

The Avant-Garde - Naturally Stoned
The Roger Webb Sound - Frisbees
The Watergates - Lazy Day
Alessandro Alessandroni – Punti di vista
Michel Colombier – Du fond de mon lit
Stelvio Cipriani – The Great Alligator Theme
Snow – Sweet Dreams
Sons of Sun – Suburban Railway
Brian Wade - Francoise
Lambert & Nuttycombe – 2 Or 3 Maybe 4
Kim Fowley – War Game
The Roger Webb Sound - Moonbird

Surf Symphony – That Bluebird of Summer
The Astronauts – In My Car
Wolfe – Us
Beaver & Krause - The Fisherman
We All Together – Lo mas grande que existe en el amor
Mojo – Whatever Happened To Happy
Priscilla Paris – Down By The River
Sven Libaek – Stella Maris
1906 (Jean Michel Jarre) - Cartolina

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dream Weapons present: STRINGWEAVER C60

Athough "Stringweaver" sort of resembles the title of a horror novel (and not a very good one), I imagine stringweavers as musicians soundweaving on their stringed instruments.

While making mixes I often place a few folkloric, acoustic-based instrumentals in between songs for breathing space. But I notice that for my own listening pleasure I tend to remove them from that context to make long playlists containing nothing but these "inbetweeners". So I figured others might appreciate some extended breathing space too. And here it is; an hour of the kind of tunes that I could listen to like… forever.


1 Mediha Şen - Gönül Aşkınla (instr.)
2 Andre Hossein - Tema di Manuel e Maria
3 Ostâd Farâmarz Pâyvar & Ostâd Hossein Tehrâni - Zarbi Moghadameh
4 Savanna - Dance of the Clockwork Clown
5 Paul Winter Consort - Herresy
6 Aktuala - Mediterraneo
7 Hossein Farjami - Breeze from Heaven
8 Elisabeth Seitz - Improvisasjon
9 EQ Ensemble - Mimosa

10 Dave Evans - Elephantasia
11 Linda Cohen - Valentine Suite
12 Pan-Ra - Senanque 2
13 Domínguez / El Gringo / Cavour - La Danza de los Wititis
14 Jawdat Abdul Sattar Abdulla - Taqsim On Rast
15 Anibal Sampayo - Misionera
16 Iordanis Tsomidis - Harem Queen
17 Streetmark - Streaming

Here / Here