Wednesday, June 6, 2018

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: CURTAIN CALL C60

Our third mix for 20ft Radio is a murder mystery thriller-horror movie (with lots of nudity)-soundtrack. An overload of dark grooves and stunning melodies like in those classic 70’s giallo-films. This mix is partly made from nicking killer tunes from largely forgotten B-movies - in combination with some library music-favourites + a couple of cinematographic songs that just seemed to fit in perfectly. Enjoy!


1 Aldo Buonocore - L'Ispettore
2 Franco Micalizzi - Tema di Albert
3 Pierre Vassiliu - Generique Debut (inedit)
4 Giorgio Gaslini - Sdenka's Theme
5 Grapefruit - Theme For Twiggy
6 The Sandpipers  - That Night (Theme From "The Fox")
7 Claudio Tallino - Lone Stepbrother
8 Jacky Giordano - Magolia
9 Berto Pisano - Greta (Versione 2)
10 Franco Pisano - Tre cose (vocal #3)
11 Paul Lewis - Stranger In The House Version 1
12 Bobby Gimby - Ghostin' (Strollin' Spooks)

13 Armando Trovajoli (feat. Lydia McDonald) - Dial 22-22
14 André Previn - Executive Party
15 Giuliano Sorgini - Cattura
16 Fabio Frizzi - Luca il contrabbandiere - Seq. 11
17 Claudio Mattone - Tema Di Nico
18 Romano Mussolini Trio - Sweat Beat
19 Luis Bacalov - L'amica (Titoli)
20 Luigi Zito - Inseguimento
21 Rino De Filippi - Milena
22 Lacerenza Michele - Concerto per un killer (# 3)
23 Vasco Vassil Kojucharov - Il Plenilunio Delle Vergini (Seq. 15 - Finale)

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  1. Love these movie and library tracks where the timbres of the instruments where used to such full effect. Personal favorites, the melodic ones: 1,5 7, 9, 22 and as a bonus the Sweat Beat (beautiful guitar and Hammond? organ sound). Thank you Moahaha! Armand

    1. As do I so its my pleasure, Armand. I think one of the things that attracts me the most about soundtrack music from its peak era is that instead of making actual songs these gifted composers mostly focused on creating variations over one beautiful melody line or just a hypnotic groove etc. - with a whole orchestra, a band, a choir... anything they wanted really + the best recording studios at their disposal. I'm certainly not a hi-fi freak but to my ears music has hardly ever "sounded" better than this.


    2. I just want to, again, say how much I love the feedback you give us Armand! We get lots of downloads, but hardly any comments, but getting your feedback is really inspiring and makes this worthwhile! Especially when you even show as much interest as to even list your favorite tracks from the mix. Again, thanks so much! I wish more people was like you! You are amazing.

    3. Dear Sadhu Sadhu the mixtapes that Dream Weapons offers to music lovers are also highly inspiring. As far as I am concerned I love their variety, their coherence,their génerous spirit. I think it's a lot of work and time to keep quality at such excellent level. For that we need gifted artists and curious / open minded music listeners like you. Finally what counts are not genres or "minor" or "major" music but music done with sincirity and passion. The music of artists you diffuse proves it each time. Armand

    4. Armand.

      You get it completely. And thanks again from all of us for your support and hours spent listening to music that we spend hours putting together.


    5. Agreed, Sweat Beat is a treat. My 'research' revealed that Romano Mussolini was the son of Il Duce (I guess the name is a giveaway). Anyway, news to me, great track.
      Ive never payed much attention to Grapefruit, but I totally love the Theme From Twiggy. Perhaps they warrant further investigation...
      Dream Weapons has been a launching pad for discovering music so obscure (certainly by my standards)I would never have sought out myself. I wish to add my gratitude to the community service that you all provide.
      I can only imagine it would be disheartening at times to put such work into your brilliant mixes and the accompanying artwork, then to receive such little feedback, despite the number of people downloading. Please Please don't go!

    6. We're not about to leave any time soon rex. Given the fact that we hardly know anyone in the real world but ourselves that still actively uses the mp3-format, I'd say the number of DL's we get are surprisingly decent.

      That said it would certainly be quiet here for the most of the time if it wasn't for you, Armand and Bill. Getting no feedback at all would be a lot less inspiring than getting the handful of comments we do now. But we also just enjoy the whole process of collecting, compiling and sharing music. To me its a nice way to play around with low-threshold ideas (an expression that hopefully translates from norwegian to english) combining my visual skills-or interest with promoting music I love - as compared to how I approach my work in everyday life.

      -apart from the beautiful Twiggy-instrumental, Grapefruit remind me of baroque/psychpop-era Hollies and the Left Banke. Very nice... if nothing spectacular.

  2. Thanks once again. I'm making comps exactly the opposite to you folks. I randomly pick tracks from all over the place and let serendipity do the rest. I don't like every track but have discovered some cool stuff. Always enjoy your comps though. Keep it up!

    1. Yes apart from introducing tunes I love that has passed under "everyone's" radar - the main drive for me is trying to make the presentation of these as attractive as possible. To me that means not to throw together a bunch of random stuff I like, upload and share. I'll either go for a unifying concept or compile a slowly transitional trip of sorts, from one place or mood to another. Much like my favourite albums are put together... or how I approach Dj'ing.

      I always love every track included myself, but fully aware that we all hear different things and that everything is never for everyone. So I'm more than happy to hear that you've made some cool discoveries and that you keep checking our mixes out. It's pretty much how I feel about all other mixtapes and compilations of some value to me. Except for those few exceptional ones where I love everything as a whole listening experience - and that's what I always aim for myself but rarely succeed in.